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Here’s a cleaning check list provided just for you.

regular maintenance cleanings

whole house

  • vacuum/sweep
  • glass surfaces and mirrors
  • window sills
  • mop all hard surfaced floors
  • take out trash (upon request)


  • sink
  • tub
  • shower
  • mirrors
  • sweep & mop


  • all counter tops
  • stove top
  • in & out of microwave
  • sink
  • appliances (including stainless steel)
  • sweep & mop

initial/one time/move in or out

in addition to all of the above services, initial cleans also cover

  • dust picture frames & wall hangings
  • light fixtures
  • doors (wood, glass)
  • window sills
  • dust and wet wash baseboards
  • ceiling fans (if reachable)
  • vents
  • cabinet doors
  • sweep under furniture
  • top of fridge
  • inside of cupboards* (for move in/out cleanings)

as needed bases 

  • doors
  • cabinet doors
  • dusting of fixtures, vents, baseboards, fans, and wall hangings

there is and additional charge for inside the oven, or fridge of $20


Please allow a 24hr notice if you wish to cancel a scheduled cleaning.

When you schedule a cleaning, please provide a key to your home, or let us know if there is another method of entry you’re more comfortable with. There will be a lockout fee if we cannot get in on the scheduled cleaning day.


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